Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning in Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds & Surrounding Areas

Upholstery cleaning is needed within every home to maintain your furniture. The furniture in your house gets a rough deal, whether it's kids climbing over them, pets sleeping on them or just being sat on in the evenings. Natural oils found in the skin and hair rub off and become trapped, and without regular upholstery cleaning, that will in turn attract and trap more dirt and micro organisms. This is especially evident on the arms or head rests and can be tricky to remove but don't worry Rothwell's upholstery cleaning has the know how. As well as this, food, drink and other spills are a fact of life and another reason we all need good quality upholstery cleaning on a fairly regular basis. With professional upholstery cleaning your upholstery can be brought back to life giving a fresh look and feel to the whole room.

Our truck mounted "High Pressure Hot Water Extraction" upholstery cleaning system will give your upholstery a really thorough deep down clean, removing more of the dirt, oil and micro-organisms than any other technique.

We offer upholstery cleaning in Cambridge, upholstery cleaning in Newmarket, upholstery cleaning in Bury St Edmunds, upholstery cleaning in Ely, upholstery cleaning in Saffron walden and everywhere inbetween, if your not sure if we come to your area give us a call, if we don't we can probably help you find someone that dose.

What is truck mounted hot water extraction upholstery cleaning?

Rothwell's truck mounted system has far more vacuum power than any portable electric machine (which many carpet cleaners use). As well as more power the truck mounted "positive displacement" vacuum system ensures high air movement even when the tool is held against the upholstery, whereas portables work centrifugally, which means little air movement while the tool is in contact with the upholstery. This extra air flow not only means dryer upholstery but cleaner upholstery too, with much more of the dirty water being removed. Plus we have high capacity air movers for extra drying after the upholstery cleaning.

Stain Protection

Extra help against future soiling

For those of you wishing to give extra protection to your furniture we can apply Stainguard. This works by surrounding each fibre in the material with a protective invisible coating which makes the upholstery resistant to every-day soiling, water-based and oil based stains. This protective coating does not affect the look or feel of your furniture.

Stainguarding (or "protection") does not protect against everything but is a useful tool to help keep your furniture looking clean for longer. It makes regular cleaning easier and helps in effective cleaning of spills and spots. Stainguarding does wear off over time and will need to be reapplied after 12 – 24 months.