Rug cleaning

High Quality Rug Cleaning.

Rothwell’s operates a specialist Rug Cleaning Studio, dedicated to cleaning all rugs.

- including, Persian hand woven rugs, Chinese rinse rugs, modern wool tufted designer rugs and even delicate silk rugs.

5 Reasons To Trust Rothwells With Your Rugs.

1. Specialist rug cleaning studio.

Fully equipped rug cleaning studio with a submerging rug pool, dehumidified drying room and dusting platform. (You are welcome to visit.) .

2. Pickup and delivery included.

Free pickup and delivery for all rugs. Have a particularly large rug, no problem call us and we can transport it.

3. Knowledgeable and friendly, specialist rug cleaners.

We have been in the cleaning industry since 1993, first starting out with carpets but have expanded into a few select, even more specialist branches of cleaning. We take great pride in our work and have made rugs one of our stand out specialist services. We will visit you and provide a firm quote and advice, free of charge. We have years of experience and take great pride in our work.

4. Rug dusting.

We dust ALL rugs that come through our studio. 40,000 harmonic vibrations a minute remove the dust from your rug, this is not possible within a customer’s home or without specialist equipment. Often this removes litters of dry dust from your rug improving the rugs feel and texture before we even start the wet rug cleaning stage.

5. Rug Wash Pool.

Only in a true rug cleaning premises will you find a rug wash pool. We will submerge your rugs in our specifically designed glass fibre rug pool filled with softened water for a deep safe clean.

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The first step of thoroughly cleaning a rug is to dry dust the rug. We will vibrate the rug with 40,000 harmonic vibrations a minute gently removing the dry soiling trapped within the rug. It is common place to remove litters of dust from a rug. Once we have removed the embedded dry soiling from your rug we can proceed with wet cleaning the rug.

Immersion Cleaning

Your rug is submerged in a cold water pool, getting all the fibres evenly wet. This is a very safe and gentle way to clean rugs. As the rug is wetted evenly the material doesn't twist or pull against itself, so distortion is avoided. The rug is then shampooed thoroughly giving it a full clean throughout the rug. This is a very hands-on method, meaning each rug is treated completely individually for the very best results.

Extraction Cleaning

Our truck mounted hot water extraction system will flush large amounts of hot water through and out of the fibres, removing the dirt, micro-organisms and air pollutants trapped within the fibres. This process also gives the rug a clear water rinse, which removes all the residue of the cleaning products used.

Stain Protection

For those of you wishing to give extra protection to your rugs we can apply Stainguard. This works by surrounding each fibre in the material with a protective invisible coating which makes the rugs resistant to every-day soiling, water-based and oil based stains. This protective coating does not affect the look or feel of your rugs. Stainguarding (or "protection") does not protect against everything but is a useful tool to help keep your rugs looking clean for longer. It makes regular cleaning easier and helps in effective cleaning of spills and spots. Stainguarding does wear off over time and will need to be reapplied after 12 – 24 months.

Delivery & Pick Up

Pick up and delivery of your rug is included in the price. Once the rug is ready to bring back we will phone and arrange a susceptible time that you will be in for us to come and carefully place the rug back within your home.