Professional Leather Cleaning in Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds & Surrounding Areas

We offer a comprehensive leather furniture cleaning service.

Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leather is the most common leather used in furniture today and can be very durable and resistant to fading. Pigmented leather has been dyed with the pigment coating on the surface. This pigmented coating is then sealed, giving the surface more durability. It is the pigment that gives the leather its colour, so it can be any colour you like.

Aniline Leather

A far more natural feel and look is achieved with aniline dyed leather as the whole thickness of the leather has been dyed with more subtly-tinted natural dyes and there is no protective coating on the surface. Aniline leather will absorb moisture very easily, meaning it will stain easily. It can also fade from sun light and be damaged by scratching. Aniline leather takes far more maintenance and is only used in high-class furniture.

Nubuck & Swed

Nubuck is the same as aniline leather but it has been through a buffing process to produce a velvety nap, or rough textured finish. Suede is the reverse side of any leather. They both are very absorbent, tend to attract soils and oils and will readily stain.