Curtain Cleaning

Professional Curtain Cleaning in Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds & Surrounding Areas

We offer a comprehensive curtain cleaning service right across our area - from Cambridge and Royston to Newmarket and Bury.

Curtains can add to the appearance of your home and will, from time to time, need freshening up. Rothwell’s does not offer its own curtain cleaning but has instead found the best local specialist curtain cleaners to team up with. With the commercial rates we get we can still offer very competitive prices PLUS we take the curtains down, pick up, deliver and re-hang the curtains, giving you the best value service around.

Safe and thorough off site cleaning service

There are many ways in which curtains can be cleaned, but in our opinion the best way is with the use of solvents. This could be done in-situ but it’s far more effective to take them away and fully wash them in solvents. This also allows for creases to be steamed out effectively. Also, if cleaning in-situ then solvents must be sprayed in your home, which would be very unpleasant and potentially harmful.

For this reason we have found a dry cleaners that offers high quality curtain cleaning. We have found the most highly regarded company in the area to offer you the best cleaning service possible. We have not simply gone with a cheap company hoping to make more money.

We will visit your home and advise what to expect from the cleaning service on offer. We will then take down the curtains and take them away. After 7 - 10 days we’ll revisit to hang your clean and refreshed curtains. With our discounted commercial rate negotiated with our dry cleaners our prices are very competitive and when combined with carpet cleaning we maybe able to offer discounts to you, our customer.

We hope you find this add-on service a helpful addition to our company.

How is it done?

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How long does it take?

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